The Bel winery is very concerned about the environment and has worked with its suppliers to develop treatments based on effective, fully biodegradable products that pose no threat to other forms of life. For example see beside this ecological insect trap.

This trap is set in the vineyard. A capsule of pheromone attracts male moths to the sticky plate. By counting the insects caught we will determine the extent of treatment to be performed.

Then, in March, the first pluviometric readings are taken, a practice for over ten years now. This close monitoring of rainfall will continue for nearly ten months.

The purpose is to build up an accurate set of data so that any trends indicating a risk of rot or cryptogamic disease can be offset with a systematic prevention program.

In other words, by appropriate treatments in just the right doses, when and only when a certain level of danger is detected.

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Sustainable development atChâteau Cap de Merle